Friday, November 12, 2010


22.11.2010 ::
I went to Penang for the dean of student programs. It takes 3 days 2 nights at there.
actually I take a decision not be going there..seems the programs look will be bored and the schedule will be pack.I opine a lot in my mind. " is there will be only have nerd student".."adapt?..i will?"..haha..i will be crazy if i go there..
my friend bolster me!!...i will get free food if i!!...nyum2!!...alright2!!..i will go..
penang!!!..oh gosh..this will be village..huh...but.......we reach in one great hotel dude..near beach!!..yeah2!!...i love it..♥♥♥...
miami beach!!..hydro penang...what a nice view!!..,lunch and dinner is the great and the best...
1 day breaking?? will think standard if in  the program..hmm...fully diferent breaking means you starting to know each other but for this time i think all are fighting..huh??..what is the first instance i think i need to keep away, ignore,silent and listen but when the atmosphere is very tense, i start involve..haha..i'm can't be a quite person..haha...fight for our opinion!!..=)..of coz, at the end it will be ok..nice to meet all..♥♥♥..

2 day..excellent breakfast.=)..4 hours out in out from rest room..aigoo...haha..only 2 hours sleepy..other 2 hours the lecture started interesting..topic "uphold Malay race'.."memartabatkan bangsa melayu"..the slide and video make me aware.. chines are happy because Malay all fight each other ..politik??...most the malay will say "politik itu kotor" you know politic is don't care, you will not know what happen in your own country and one days when our country take over by chines same as what happen in singapore you will be lament a lot. pulau pinang will be second singapore.singapore is one of the richer country in the world..but you know what happen to malay at there? this. will know..i alrady know after read a lot article about this..=).. time..go to the beach...picture!!!!!..hehe...
night we all are preparing for our group presentation..

3 days:..presentation by group..all good..=)..check out in 1 o'clock..then...queensbay!!...i buy a lot of sushi..eating there and pack..haha...

this is some of the picture..i will upload more later...
=)..with beach...

hydro hotel...all are the best student in unimap..=)

my room..waiting for check out..

with my roommate..=)

snap time!!

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